How HVOF Coating is Used in Equipment Building?

How HVOF Coating is Used in Equipment Building?

HVOF coating (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) provide a great array of thermal spray coating materials so you can easily find the ones that suit your specific needs. What’s more, our thermal spraying facilities can process a wide spectrum of component sizes to exacting standards with repeatable and reliable results.

Through the HVOF process, we are able to create coatings to restore or improve a component’s surface dimensions and properties. By protecting the part from corrosion, wear and erosion, you will be able to extend its equipment lifespan.

The Pros of Using HVOF Coating

Depending on your specific coating needs, opting for HVOF coatings can bring about a myriad of benefits. Below is a quick look at the popular advantages: has the ability to reduce hot gas infusion, produce extremely hard coatings of up to HV 1000+, has exceptional interparticle cohesion, low porosity, reduced decarbonization of particles, improved hot wear resistance, corrosion resistant, possesses weld-like bond strength, and it’s very dense.

For starters, a common use for HVOF coatings is coating rough surfaces to make them more resistant to abrasions. In addition, other components can be fixed securely without damaging their surfaces. Carrier rollers and grippers are known to benefit from HVOF coatings during the transportation of piece goods. Next up, a HVOF can be used on dynamically loaded components or components that need to meet stipulated structural demands in an optimal way.

Usage of HVOF Coating

HVOF Coatings Can Be Used for doctor blades, the coatings will help enhance the blades’ self-cooling properties and overall handling. Coilers that require continuous coating of band steel will benefit from coatings created by the HVOF process. In hydro power plants, it is imperative that these parts are well coated if they are constantly exposed to water that contains abrasive particles. Instead of opting for polyurethane coatings, their HVOF counterparts prove to be more superior in terms of functionality.

In the paper industry, the addition of PTFE is highly recommended as it helps to reduce the tendency of paper sticking to your equipment. If you want to enhance the thermal conductivity properties of your rollers, it is pertinent that you opt for HVOF coatings.

The cylinder bores found in diesel trains are known to wear out after some time and that’s why these components require high quality repair coatings. Coatings created using the HVOF process will provide the warm hardness and high wear resistance that many individuals seek.

Without the right coatings, landing gears found in airplanes are prone to overheating. For safety reasons, that has to be securely avoided at all costs. The right HVOF coating should do the trick. What’s more, it can improve the fatigue properties of high strength steels as there is a presence of high compressive residual stress in these coatings.