Bearing Shaft Repair Service

If a bearing seizes up or spins on a shaft causing damage to an important component, Metallic Bonds can repair the bearing shaft saving you both time and money.

Metallic Bonds can apply a hard surface stainless steel material onto the worn areas of the shaft. The hard surfaced stainless steel material can then be ground or machined finished to size, tolerance, and surface finish.

This repair can be done on bearing surfaces that require either a slip fit or a press fit of the bearing to the shaft.

This method of repair does not transfer high heat into the part and the adjacent areas can be masked off during processing. As a result, the key ways, threads, other diameter surfaces, and the base metal of the shaft are not compromised and will not distort, warp, or change dimension.

Metallic Bonds can provide a creative and economical solution to your bearing surface repair.


Metallic Bonds, Ltd.

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