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Nickel brush plating is an electro-chemical metallizing process in which the high current density technology of arc welding is applied to a concentrated electrolyte solution thus depositing metal without the use of either heat or immersion tanks. The solution is held in, or pumped through an absorbent material attached to an inert electrode (anode) which, in turn, is attached to a D.C. power pack. The cathode lead of the power pack is attached to the work-piece and a current is passed through the solution. The result is a rapid deposition of metal onto the area contacted by the anode. This deposit is extremely dense and fine grained with superior adhesion to the base metal. The process requires neither the pre-machining of metallizing nor the subsequent stress relief and embitterment relief of plating. A motion between the anode and work piece is required to produce high quality, uniform deposits.

Plating Properties

Ni Plating Hardness

Thinnest Deposit to Thickness Limit

As-Plated Surface Texture

Brush Plating Tolerance *

Method of Finish (if necessary)

Rc 52-60

.0001” to .007”

Ra 50-60

.0005” to .001”


*Plating tolerance of an OD can be held to +/- .001” or tighter if T.I.R. is concentric and run out is consistent throughout the area being plated.


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