Flame Spray

Flame Spray

Powdered material is injected into an oxy fuel gas flame. It is then melted and propelled onto the work surface to form a coating. The flame spray process allows for a wide range of coating materials. Nickel Chrome Silicon Boron Spray and Fuse as well as Nickel Graphite are materials often selected for this process.

Energy Source & Consumption

Oxy Fuel 2500 Scfh

Spraying Factors

Spray Rates5 to 10 lbs/hour
Deposit Efficiencies65%
Deposit Per Pass.0005” to .002”
Particle Velocities100 fps

Coating Properties

MaterialsNickel Chrome Silicon Borons, Nickel Graphite, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels and Bronze
Coating Finishing ProcessesMachine, Mill or Grind
Hardness Range of Materials/CoatingsRc 20-60
Typical Oxide Content5% to 10%
Typical Porosity Levels5% to 10%
Erosion Resistance RatingFair
Abrasive Wear Resistance RatingFair
Thermal Cycling & Thermal Shock CapabilitiesGood
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion & ContractionGood
Corrosion/Oxidation Resistance RatingFair