What You Should Know About Tungsten Carbide?

What You Should Know About Tungsten Carbide?

There are many users of Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide. First, we have to know the difference between the two. Tungsten is one of the elements in the periodic table. It is a metal that is extremely hard and it melts at very high temperatures. This metal is dense, and jewelries made of Tungsten are heavy. Carbide on the other hand is Tungsten mixed with Carbon. This material is denser than Tungsten itself. Thus, it makes carbide more durable than Tungsten.

Carbides have many uses and it is popularly used in the jewelry industry. Its high density makes for a good durable material for any jewelry. It is not easily nicked, scratched, or bent. Buyers usually choose carbide jewelries because they last longer compared to other known metals.

How Will You Distinguish Carbide From Imitations And Fakes?

Carbides are hypoallergenic. They don’t cause allergic reactions at all when worn or mixed with sweat, and other bodily chemicals and fluids. Some carbides though do have mixtures of nickel which can cause allergic reactions to some who are very sensitive to the metal. However, nickel mixed in Carbides are very minimal at all, and having allergic reactions to it means that you are hyperallergic to nickel.

Jewelers usually mixed nickel and carbide to make shinier, or more brilliant forms of jewelries compared to Carbides with the usual combination of Carbon. You just have to make sure, however, that the jewelry carbide you are buying is the alloy of the purest form. The jeweler must be honest in telling you this because not all carbide sources are the same. Some still have impurities in the metal itself, but some are refined to their purest of forms.

Furthermore, carbides are scratch resistant. This is one of the biggest selling points of Carbides – they are very scratch resistant that gives you the confidence of keeping the piece of jewelry for long even if worn in long periods of time. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to bend or dent carbides.

With the carbides’ extreme durability, this means that you can keep this kind of jewelry material for long, and they will stay polished keeping their luster longer compared to gold or silver. Many jewelers are selling carbides along with the guarantee that their products won’t scratch; they will even make money back guarantees or replacement guarantees if you notice any scratches.

Lastly, Tungsten Carbides are difficult to resize. Once the metal is cooled and shaped, the alloy is very difficult to bend or re-shaped. This is the reason why you must choose your jewelry carbide properly. Make sure that you are not wearing a carbide too loose, or too snugged for you.

Carbides are not really that popular compared to silver and gold, but they do have their own properties that encourages you to buy it in due time.