Top Industrial Coatings Contractors Union of America

Top Industrial Coatings Contractors Union of America

Finding a reputable union industrial coatings contractors can be complex, due to the intricate nature of industrial projects.

Industrial contractors must adhere to strict health and environmental considerations, be certified in specific applications, have specialized equipment, and have highly skilled and trained employees to complete the work.

Protecting your industrial structure with pain or a special coating is a must. Without protective coatings, your structure could corrode and can ultimately destroy structural steel.  Costing you lots of money in the end. To avoid this, you will need to think long-term preservation and protection.  You will need to trust your contractor’s experience, expertise, high level of safety, training, and reputation.

Formed in 1991 industrial coatings contractors is a multi-certified industrial painting and coatings contractor dedicated to quality, safety and efficiency.  Safety is their single most important aspect of what they do.  To ensure their employee’s protection they require all employees to undergo a rigorous safety and health training. Their coating expertise areas range from bridges, locks & dams, industrial roofs, and smokestacks to name a few.

Rainbow Inc.:  Since 1960, Rainbow Inc. has been recognized, and a recommended leader in the commercial and industrial painting field. They are headquartered out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and successfully completed project throughout the entire Upper Midwest. Their industrial division expertise and experience is in power plants, pulp/paper, and water/wastewater treatment facilities.  With services in lead abatement, abrasive blasting, fireproofing and secondary containment liners.

Hartman Walsh Industrial Services: Providing quality industrial services since 1950, Hartman Walsh is an industrial union contractor that provides nationwide high-quality industrial coatings, linings, and ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning services.  They go above and beyond the industry standard in quality control and are SSPC QS1 certified in addition to being QS1 they are also certified as both a QP1 and QP2 contractor. They service a diverse range of industries throughout the United States and Canada including, hydropower, food & beverage, manufacturing, dams, and pharmaceuticals.

Lakehead Painting: For over 45 years, Lakehead Painting has been a leader in the commercial and industrial painting industries in the Twin-Ports, Superior-Duluth area and beyond. They specialize in many industrial areas such as crude oil storage tanks, refineries, ships, bridges and power plants.  They are members of NACE International and SSPC.  Safety is a top priority for Lakehead Painting, they have a full-time safety professional on staff which shows their strong commitment to safety.

Coatings Unlimited:  Based out of St. Louis MO, Coatings Unlimited has been a leader in industrial coatings since 1954.  They have a deep knowledge of using the latest in material technology and technical expertise.  Safety is a number one priority and are an intricate part of their culture and take a proactive approach by creating safe work environments.   As an SSPC Certified and QP1 and QP2 contractor, they serve many industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, mining and heavy manufacturing.

These top industrial coatings contractors are not lacking experience as they are all experts in the industrial field and they all make safety a top priority.

We hope this list makes it easier for you to find an industrial contractor that best suits your industrial coating needs.